About Us

Try our delicious Jack Daniel’s BBQ Baby Back Ribs, prepared freshly on premises daily. We buy the highest quality pork baby back ribs, cook them until they are fall-off-the-bone tender and finish them on a chargrill with our Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce.

Are you worried about allergies?

No need to fear, we cook our food in 100% vegetable oil, furthermore, we have separate pans for cooking fish and chips, so no cross-contamination of oil occurs.

The secret to great fish and chips… there is no secret, simply use clean oil, the best fish and potatoes on the market and prepare them consistently well. We prepare our own chips, ribs, chicken and fish daily. It also helps that we cook nearly all of our food to order, as there is nothing worse than buying a piece of fish that has been sitting in the cabinet for 10 minutes. It may actually surprise you how quickly we can cook a piece of fish with our High-Efficiency Kiremko frying range, a typical piece of cod takes just 5 minutes.

We recently won ‘Best Fish & Chips in Brentwood’ in a poll run by The Brentwood Gazette. We scooped an amazing 50% of the votes.